Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights:
Voice your opinion about the care provided and to recommend changes in policies and services by contacting your health care provider.
Be provided with information about the organization and its services.
Participate in decisions about your health care and treatment plan.
Be treated with respect and dignity.
Receive from your health care provider complete information about your diagnosis and proposed procedure or treatment alternative, including non-treatment, in order to give informed consent.
Refuse any procedure or treatment if you so desire and to the extent permitted by law, be told what effect this may have on your health.
Receive full consideration of privacy or confidentiality with regard to all information and records about your care.
Know the cost (copayment,deductible, coinsurance) of care and treatment and receive an explanation of your financial obligation when required.
Have 24-hours access to your health care provider or covering physicians.
Be informed of the names, specialties and qualification of the physicians.
Be informed of the grievance procedure.
Receive prompt and reasonable responses to questions and requests.
Patient Responsibilities:
Know the benefits and exclusions of your coverage.
Provide your health care provider with complete and accurate health information.
Follow the treatment plan agreed upon by you and your health care provider.
Contact your health care provider for any care needed after-hours or for any questions and assistance.
Know how to access health care services in routine, urgent and emergency situations.

Our Mission Statement

The physicians and staff of Dr. Nair Internal Medicine, PLLC are dedicated to the principle of serving our patients' needs by offering continuous improvement in healthcare, accessibility, efficiency, communication and confidentiality. We will not permit consideration of race, religion, nationality or social standing to intervene between our compassion and responsibility to our patients. All aspects of our medical practice are handled with courtesy and professionalism.